Domestic Bliss - The Growth in Outsourcing Housekeeping Chores

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Personal, household and hospitality task outsourcing is booming in response to the increasing pressures on personal time. As so many of us race back to work in the face of recessionary times, the burden placed upon working couples with children who are also caring for ageing parents, continues.

As Australians work longer hours and become increasingly time poor, they have been obliged to outsource many household and domestic chores. The market has been quick to answer increased demand with a range of household outsourcing options. Whether you require oven cleaning, window cleaning, or laundry service, an army of specialised cleaning services are waiting to meet your demands. From basic dusting and vacuuming to the utilisation of special equipment, clients may select from a wide selection of options. The list of household chores that have been outsourced in the last decade is long and growing longer by the day. What started with lawn mowing and garden maintenance has moved on to include cleaning, antenna installation, painting, rubbish removal, pool care, car washing and pet care.

Household cleaning was the first major area of home tasks to be outsourced and grew in popularity in the late 1970s and early 1980s however, general cleaning contractors had their beginnings in Australia in the 1930s. Although this industry has been in existence for over 70 years, it did not begin to develop until the late 1950s. DIAL-AN-ANGEL® Pty Limited was created in 1967 to fulfil a need in the home market for childcare services.. Since then the company has expanded nationally to meet the growing demands of an ever-increasing population.

Here are three key issues to think about when choosing a domestic outsourcing company or agency for your home.

Proof of insurance:

Inquire whether the company has a valid insurance policy! Without this piece of paper, you may unknowingly be paying the rates of an insured company, while putting yourself potentially at legal risk, every time the uninsured worker is on your property. A clear sign of professional conduct is when the company willingly volunteers to provide you with a valid proof of insurance. Not only ask for Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance but also Workers’ Compensation Insurance is imperative if something happens to the worker while at your premises.


Make sure that anyone you let into your home has been reference checked and thoroughly screened. DIAL-AN-ANGEL police screens every applicant and in those States where it is allowed, applicants must complete a Working with Children or Vulnerable Persons Check. What sets DIAL-AN-ANGEL apart is that all workers are thoroughly security screened prior to being accepted for registration as Angels. They maintain their registration with the Agency by adhering to a written Professional Code of Conduct.

Cleaning Checklist:

The company you are opting for should provide you with a ready-made list of services, down to the tiniest detail. If the prices are not clearly stated, do not assume that all is included!

Finally, a glance at the company's written policy and Terms of Business will inform you about payments, cancellations and guarantees; topics that the service provider's representative may not willingly discuss on your first enquiry to the company.

Danielle Robertson is the CEO of DIAL-AN-ANGEL. Established in 1967 it is the only national agency specialising in the provision of aged, home and child care. The agency provides Angels for housekeeping & home cleaning, gardening & home maintenancenannying and babysittingsupervised contact visits, party helpaged carein-home nursingdementiapalliative and disability care in the home. A wide range of services are available to businesses such as medico legal reportingemployee work-life flexibility programstrade promotions for competitions and emergency care programs for children and seniors.

As a national company, we have offices around Australia in AdelaideBrisbaneCanberraCentral CoastMelbourneNewcastlePerth and Sydney. For further information call 1300 721 111 or email