Media Mentions

Of course, it would be a terrible shame if we're doing a good job and nobody found out about it. After more than 47 years of providing services to Australian families, DIAL AN ANGEL is one of the most respected and quoted authorities on Aged, disability, Home and Child Care in Australia. Here are just some of the times we've been mentioned in the media:

Parents Want Childcare Workers to be Highly Qualified, says group The Parenthood 
Sydney Morning Herald, August 2014

Spreading Its Wings
Business In Focus, August 2014

More Use Home Service and Nannies
The West Australian, 8 August 2014

Nannies, Low-Incomce Rebates on Childcare Agenda
The West Australian, 22 July 2014

Childcare Package
Channel 10, 20 July 2014

We Want to Live for Today
Daily Telegraph, June 2014

Fix Childcare Before Superannuation: Perpetual
Australian Financial Review, 16 March 2014

'Black Market' Childcare on the Rise as Working Parents Hit Hard by Fees
The Courier Mail, 17 February 2014

Nannies in 'Black Market' Become Widespread
International Business Times, 17 February 2014

All In The Family
Latte - Business Chicks, January 2014 

New Mums Hiring Night Nannies 
The West Australian, 25 November 2013

Arranging for In-Home Care
The Patients' Voice - Australian Patients Association, Spring 2013

Why All Companies Should Become Corporate Champions of Older Workers!
ONECOTA, August/September 2013

When You See a Need, Supply It
The Senior, June 2013

What Would I Tell Myself If I Were Starting Out Now?
She Business, 25 October 2012

Caltex Babycare Initiative Launch
National Nine News - Channel Nine, 27 September 2012

Qualified Angels Make Life Easier
The Senior Vic, September 2012

Older Workers Forum
A Current Affair, 30 August 2012

Drive with Tim Cox
ABC 612 Brisbane, 27 August 2012

Am I A Hopeless Mother?
Mia Freedman, Sunday Times, 25 August 2012

Kyle and Jack Give Back 
Kyle and Jackie O Show, 16 August 2012

Afternoons: The Two Murrays
2UE, 8 August 2012

A Nanny State as Taxman Turns on Mum
The Daily Telegraph, 8 August 2012

Policy to Politics to Super Chief
Financial Standard, 30 July 2012

Succession Planning Case Study: DIAL-AN-ANGEL 
Smarter Business Ideas, 12 July 2012

Kyle and Jack Give Back
Kyle and Jackie O Show, 3 May 2012

Do We Deserve A Nanny State?
The Daily Telegraph, 14 April 2012

In A State About Nannies
The Adelaide Advertiser, 12 April 2012

Dena Blackman: Outsourcing Home Help
Life Matters - Radio National, 10 April 2012

Helping Hands: DIAL-AN-ANGEL
Business in Focus Magazine, April 2012

Mums Hiring Personal Assistants is Just a Matter of Time
Herald Sun, 4 April 2012

Thank You Kidspot Mums Say, Viva Kleenex Mums & Dial An Angel
Oh Gorgeous Baby Blog, 8 December 2011

Stress Less Over the Festive Season
The West Australian, 6 December 2011

Babysitters Ring in 2012
Sunday Times, 13 November 2011

Five Tips for Keeping Your Wife Happy
Rob, Terry & Bob in the Morning - 97.3FM, 8 November 2011

Baby It's Not A Bad Earner
The Courier-Mail, 5-6 November 2011

Making the Big Money is Child's Play, Really
The Courier-Mail, 5-6 November 2011

Professional Babysitting Fees Soar as Parents Shell Out for Night Out Without the Kids
The Courier-Mail, 5 November 2011

Grow Your Business, 26 October 2011

My Family Care Partner’s Australian Provider DIAL-AN-ANGEL News, 30 August 2011

Heaven Sent
Grow Your Business Newsletter, 19 August 2011

Outsourcing Household Chores
Australia Talks - ABC Radio, 3 August 2011

Services Clean Up as Time-Poor Parents Seek Help at Home
Herald Sun Online, 2 July 2011

The Coleman Greig Women in Business Forum
Coleman Greig, 14 June 2011

Private Business Owners: Danielle Robertson
PwC Private Business Barometer, 6 June 2011

How to Make Your Washing Sparkle
The West Australian, 18 May 2011

Orion Innovative Women Series
Webcast Boardroom Radio Australia,16 May 2011

Entrepreneur in Profile: Dena Blackman and Danielle Robertson Dial An Angel
Family Capers, 20 April 2011

Make Care Fair Campaign
Central Coast Community Council News, 16 March 2011

DIAL-AN-ANGEL in Australia (And Other Things)
Down Under Magazine, March 2011

Childcare and Careers Don't Mix for Women, Says New Poll
sphinxx, 2 March 2011

Sky-High Running Costs for Flash Mansion
The West Australian, 10 December 2010

Stress Free Christmas Countdown
The West Australian, 7 December 2010

Weekend TLC for Your Home
The West Australian, 26 October 2010

Time for a Spring Clean
Habitat - The West Australian, 1 October 2010

Need an Angel?
Victorian Country Newspaper, 3 September 2010

Lei Thomson: DIAL AN ANGEL
Jewish News, 3 September 2010

Dena Blackman and Danielle Robertson
Sky Business News, 16 July 2010

Congratulations to Our Sponsorship Winners
Family Business Australia, July 2010

Dial An Angel has Received Approaches but 'Not Ready' to Exit Yet, CEO Says, 7 April 2010

Divine Intervention
Generations - Family Business Australia Magazine, Autumn 2010

Blood Ties Bind Family Business
Australian Financial Review, 25 March 2010

My Lexus
Lexus of Chatswood Newsletter, March 2010

Annual Life Risk Forum 
The Risk Store, 25 February 2010

Call On Me, 29 January 2010

Pay Day
Take 5 Magazine, December 2009

Healthcare Costs an Increasing Concern in Retirement Planning
Money Management, 15 December 2009

Celebrating Our Carers
Social Spy - Newcastle Herald, 19 October 2009

Time to Tackle the Spring-Cleaning
The West Australian, 28 September 2009

Buying Time
Sydney Morning Herald, 15 September 2009

Nannies Can Be A Super Option
Your Child - Illawarra Mercury, 1 September 2009

Dial-An-Angel Founder Wins Jason Lea Award
Franchising, 31 August 2009

Women in Business Q&A: Danielle Robertson 
Marie Claire, 22nd May 2009

Who's Who in Recruitment - DIAL-AN-ANGEL
Recruitment Extra, May 2009

Travel Diary with Mike Smith
Daily Telegraph, 26 February 2009 

Holiday is on Me, says the Angel of Havilah St
North Shore Times, 6 June 2008

100 Attendant Carers Wanted
MyCareer, 31 May 2008

Angel at the Table
The Daily Telegraph, 23 February 2008

NYE Babysitter Cash Trap 
The Sunday Telegraph, 31 December 2007

Making Christmas Work For You
Sun Herald, 25 November 2007

Mannies are Stepping into Children's World
The Advertiser, 5 April 2007

'Little Angels' Now Big Business
North Shore Times, 30 March 2007

Me & My Mentor
Daily Telegraph, 10 March 2007

The Nanny State
Canberra Times, 23 January 2007

Working Parents Press for Tax-Deductible Nanny Fees
The West Australian, 7 December 2006

Cutting the Costs
The Sunday Mail, 24 September 2006

Home Hints: 10 Spring Cleaning Tips
The Australian Women's Weekly, 4 September 2006

All In The Family
The Sydney Morning Herald/The Age, 23 August 2006

Ways to Choose the Right Sadie
The Sunday Mail, 23 July 2006

Stunned by the Support They've Had
Mt Druitt/St Marys Standard, 8 March 2006

All in the Family - Working with Your Parents
Sunday Telegraph, 19 February 2006

'Tis the Season to be Holly
The Courier-Mail, 16 December 2005

Manny for All Seasons
Daily Telegraph (Weekend Shopper), 19 November 2005

Day Care Fears: Black Market Nannies are $6 Billion Industry
Sunday Herald Sun, 6 November 2005

Expensive Compo Clipping Domestic Angels' Wings
Canberra Times, 6 October 2005

Stop Nanny `Black Market'
The Advertiser, 30 September 2005

It's Time to Take a Holiday
Sunday Telegraph, 25 September 2005

Angels Spread Their Wings
Penrith Press, 9 September 2005

Spring Clean Savvy
Sydney MX, 8 September 2005

A Hand to Rock the Cradle
Canberra Times, 23 August 2005

Back Your Own Enterprise to the Hilt
Sun Herald, 21 August 2005

How Was Your Day, Little One?  
Sydney Morning Herald, 20 August 2005

Send Me An Angel
Sydney Morning Herald, 7 July 2005

The Family Line Buckles
Business Review Weekly, 14 July 2005

Working From Home - The Only Way To Go For a New Breed of Parents, 1 July 2005

Tuesday Agenda
Central Coast Express, 22 June 2005

Parenting the Parents
Weekend Australian, 12 June 2005

A Place For Us
Sydney Morning Herald, 18 May 2005

Nannies Get a Higher Profile
The West Australian, 13 May 2005

Nanny, How I Love Ya, How I Love Ya
Sunday Mail, 1 May 2005

Why Mums Want a Mary Poppins
The Australian, 16 April 2005

Domestic Angels
North Shore Times, 25 March 2005

Nanny Explosion
East Torrens Messenger, 16 March 2005

Nannies In Demand 
Eastern Courier Messenger, 16 March 2005

Angels To The Rescue
Penrith Press, 11 March 2005

Angel Firm Ready To Spread Wings
Penrith Press, 8 March 2005

Behind the Halo – the DIAL-AN-ANGEL Story
WA Business News, 3 February 2005

Get Fresh
Daily Telegraph, 29 January 2005

Office on Cloud Nine After Top Award
Central Coast Express Advocate, 21 January 2005

One of the Family
Sun Herald, 9 January 2005