Professional, dignified in-home dementia care

Caring for a loved one with dementia can be a difficult, heart breaking and draining experience. DIAL-AN-ANGEL® is able to provide tailored in-home care for your loved one.

Dementia is a syndrome or group of symptoms caused by a number of conditions including Alzheimer’s disease. The symptoms of dementia are caused by the continuing decline of brain function and can include:

  • Memory loss, particularly short-term memory
  • Difficulties with concentration and planning
  • Personality and mood changes including the onset of depression
  • Changes in behaviour
  • Mental confusion e.g. forgetting where you are
  • Difficulty in finding the correct words and being understood
  • Withdrawal from social activities

Dementia progresses in stages, with the increasing severity of the symptoms meaning higher levels of care may be required as the disease progresses.

What we Offer

At DIAL-AN-ANGEL we provide experienced and qualified aged care Angels® for people with dementia. This high-level care can be organised on a regular or short-term basis depending on your individual needs.

Our Angels can assist with a number of tasks around the home including meal preparation, light housekeeping duties and personal care duties such as showering, toileting and dressing the client. In addition to these tasks completed around the home, our Angels can assist with issues arising specific to dementia.

These specialised tasks include maintaining a safe environment, assisting in managing difficult behaviours, provision of mind stimulating activities, supervision of daily activities and appointments and assisting with medication.

Our in-home care Angels understand that having a familiar environment can assist in the creation and maintenance of a regular routine, maximising the independence of your loved one for as long as possible. These Angels assist not only in tasks for the client but also provide much needed social interaction by devising activities such as daily walks in order to maximise quality of life.

Allowing someone to take over the day-to-day care of your loved one with dementia means that you are able to spend more quality time with them whilst knowing their needs and disease are being managed effectively. Providing this care in the home may also eliminate the need for transition to residential or hospice care, which can be traumatic for those suffering from dementia.

If you choose care in the home under the Extended Aged Care at Home Packages Dementia (EACHD), packages are flexible to suit the individual’s particular needs, and some of the services include nursing, domestic assistance, personal care and laundry, in-home respite and emotional support and advocacy. Check your eligibility with an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT).


Why choose DIAL-AN-ANGEL?

At DIAL-AN-ANGEL, we understand that sensitivity and discretion are vitally important factors when providing in-home care, especially for those receiving end of life care. DIAL-AN-ANGEL is the trusted name for in-home care in your community. We have the experience, expertise, dedication, and reliability to organise home nursing services by Angels with the highest standards of quality and commitment.

We come to you. Our services are available in a range of settings, including your home, assisted living facility, nursing home, hospital or hospice.

During the initial consultation, we will explain our specialised services and develop a personalised care program tailored to meet your specific needs.

DIAL-AN-ANGEL specialises in finding the very best Angels for any situation. All of our Angels are insured to work in your home, experienced, qualified, reference checked, professionally screened and interviewed in person for your protection. Where State laws allow Police clearances and 'Working with Children' Checks are undertaken. We pride ourselves on having one of the most rigorous and professional screening processes in the marketplace today. Our selective recruitment has always reflected Australia's multicultural society. It enables us to provide culturally and linguistically diverse services.

DIAL-AN-ANGEL also provides Angels for housekeeping & home cleaningnannying and babysitting, supervised contact visits, party help, aged care, in-home nursing, dementia, palliative and disability care in the home. 

As a national company, we have offices around Australia in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Newcastle, Perth and Sydney. Our friendly and experienced coordinators are ready to help. Simply call 1300 721 111 or make an enquiry online.